I call up Boss today. It’s the last day of September and I’m intensely curious as to whether I’ll be able to pay rent this month. He says, absolutely, I won’t be a total bastard and ream you this month the way I normally do (I’m paraphrasing) and let’s meet at the Starbuck’s on Olympic […]

SFX: Has Been

“I wanna live like common people. I wanna do what common people do.” The new album, “Has Been” by William Shatner is now available for streaming. Guest artists include Joe Jackson, Henry Rollins, Ben Folds and, most interesting, Lemon Jelly. Interesting. And if you can’t take that much cheese in one sitting, try listening to […]


So Michael and I go to see the Marillion show at The House of Blues last night. It is my first time seeing those cats, which is strange, because I’ve been a fan since 1985 (back when Michael and I used to work at Movies Twin in Santa Fe.) In truth, I was an avid […]

chess trivia

2. Knights. In ancient times, Calvary never advanced head on, but flanked i.e. they went around the back and attacked at the side. Hugh Macleod over at The Gaping Void passes along an interesting analysis of the movement of chesspieces. It seems their rather unique and individual styles are rooted in historical deatail. Check out […]

sierra buzz

In case anyone’s curious, I’m posting photos of the most recent Sierra excursion over on Buzznet, along with a running narrative and lots of helpful labels. Click on the thumbs to the right or just go here to check it out. I’m just sayin’.

seeking cats

I think there’s a Brink’s truck out there, and it’s having trouble finding my house. Now that I’ve pretty much decompressed after the Sierra trip I find that I’ve much to do. I’m not going to put much stock in the continuation of my so-called job. In spite of his calling me on the way […]