amoeba plus one

This is just an announcement to say that yet another Rocket star has crossed over into the Amoeba galaxy. After a recommendation by Randy, Ariel and me that is the good-vibes equivalent of a millennium fireworks display, Team Amoeba has taken on Sara. She calls me today after a three-hour tour and orientation. Her head […]

SFX: avalanches | travis

I recently pick up two discs I’ve been curious about. 12 Memories, by Travis, is good. They still sound like Radiohead, especially on “Re-Offender,” which channels Thom Yorke to the point of absurdity. It’s a nice, inoffensive album. But I can’t stop playing Since I Left You, by The Avalanches. The album is a sparkly […]


Okay, so it’s true. I’m another year older. My birthday has come and gone. It falls on a Saturday this year. This means I’m able to throw a party. I’d intended to go all out and throw a big bash. I decide, after all the computer nonsense of last week and the fact that I […]


So I sit down and decide to figure out some issues with the old host/new host problem I suspect are occurring (disappearing files, inconsistent templates, winged monkeys…) so I log in to what I think is the old remote FTP site. I delete everything there. Then I try to open the current site. To my […]

when it rains…

Things seem to wanna pour these days. After all that struggle to get the computer running again, I have about five hours of bliss and freedom. Then my internet connection just quits. My signal flatlines. I call SBC. A guy shows up today, scratches his head, plugs his tri-corder into various things, then finally throws […]

exorcising demons

jee-ZUS! It’s Friday. I post that innocuous thing about Dungeons & Dragons, I do a little web de-zine for Boss. I talk to Manager about the current draft of Blood & Mist and about how it’s too big and I need to scale back one more time. I prepare to sit down and do a […]

dream job

Boy oh boy. Scanning through the Daily Bruin Classifieds I spot this: If I’d seen this ad twenty years ago I would have had my first job. In fact, I could have built a career around such an opportunity. By now I’d have a beautiful office in Santa Monica, a wacky and creative support team, […]

odds & ends

I’m ludicrously busy this week. Thanks to vacationing coworkers, today is the fifth Ameoba day in a row. I’m exhausted. I mean, seriously. Who works five days in a row? That’s just stupid. Yeah, except I’m doing a bunch of stuff for Boss regarding this Herbalife website he wants to put together, which is funny […]