Quick recap: Sunday – Work all day at Amoeba. The day passes swiftly, however, and after I get out at eight, I swing by Rocket to bug Ryan and Sara and pick up the external hard drive I use to back up Boss’s Powerbook. Since I have to get up early to meet with Boss, […]

update: copaconfusion

Marina comments on the picture of copa below… “I’m really flattered to see how cute Copa is but she is my cat! Not Renata’s. She has Cabana!” My bad. In the chaos of the evening, I got confused. They’re both gorgeous, but unfortunately. I don’t have a decent pic of Cabana. So to set the […]


Just wanted to post some pics of last night’s party at Kokekkoko in Japantown last night. This time around it was Ruth’s birthday. In a couple weeks she’s leaving for a year in Spain. Sara wears my sunglasses. I wear Danny’s thick framed glasses. Noah provides his own expression. Sara adjusts her eyewear. I just […]

another woman

“I wondered if a memory is something you have, or something you’ve lost.” It’s late night and, as often happens, I’m chatting with Sara on the phone while I noodle around in one script project or another. Tonight we’re talking about Woody Allen, and I explain some of what I think is so great about […]

denial of service

Some of you may notice that access to my website has been impossible during the past couple of days. Apparently, Hostsave, my internet service provider, has been slammed by a Denial of Service attack. This kind of attack basically devastates the bandwidth capabilities to the victimized server and makes access from the outside next to […]

cd, baby

So yesterday I order the new CD by Jennifer Getz from Jennifer Getz is a friend and neighbor of Sara’s, and she’s invited me to her cd release party in a couple weeks. The best part is the shipping confirmation email I get from them today: “Your CD has been gently taken from our […]

afterburners on

These past few days are lost to the writing. Two days ago my manager sends me an email mentioning the setup of the Beowulf Project over at Maple Shade. This, he says, is a reason to kick the renovation of the Blood & Mist treatment into high gear. The Mist treatment, as I think I’ve […]


I’m sitting at home, working on Blood & Glass. I’ve got Acts One and Three all figgered out. Act Two is posing some problems. Still, I know who dies in the end, so it’s just a matter of connecting the gaps. Sara calls at 12:30 and says she and Noah are going to catch Fahrenheit […]