amoeba – day one

So today is my first day at Amoeba. It’s actually more of an orientation thing. A cool, knowledgable chap named Mo shows me and another new guy named Jon around the place. That takes almost two hours. No joke. The place is that huge. I mean, I knew they process a lot of material and […]


Meet a guy at Rocket tonight. He’s looking to rent the movie True Believer, which happens to be one of my favorite of those mid to late Eighties star-powered courtroom thrillers. You know, those. He’s watching it, he says, because someone suggested he watch it for the lawyer who’s in it. Lawyer? I wonder. James […]

amoeba report

I meet with with Jim and Kristin and Kirk today at three. They’re poobahs of various sorts at Amoeba. Very nice group of people. We stand about in a back room and chat. Since I’d already met with Karen, it’s more of a follow-up meeting, just, I think, so they can see what I look […]

news roundup

No clever little stories to tell today, but I thought I’d catch up on a few minor things. I’m going back in to Amoeba today for a follow-up interview. Today I meet the general manager and the two cats who run the mezzanine, where I’ll work if I get the job. The mezzanine, for those […]

at last

Okay, a few hours later, commenting is finally in place. Try it out. See if it works. I’ll tweak it a bit over time, and if I decide to buy into the advanced Haloscan user elite, I’ll be able to do even more with them. Um… Okay, bye.