memorial day malaise

A Young Man in Curlers at Home on West 20th St. NYC –Diane Arbus, 1966 Actually, I spent most of today being creative. If I wasn’t writing, I was learning about databases for yet another website I’m working on. Sara was supposed to call me about trying to get over to LACMA again for the […]


Okay, so yeah, I’ve been gone for a while. I know. Sorry. I’ve been busy with a lot of things, not the least of which has been the holiday. Quickly running through the past seven days, we have, well…interview at Amoeba Music on Wednesday (went very well, I think); a journey to LACMA for the […]

rocket report

Since I haven’t really cooked anything nice for a while, and since I so recently complained about my staggering lack of food, I decided I would treat myself to a homemade plate of shrimp scampi…you know, go all out. Find some good good olive oil, fresh peppers, lots of hot spices and fresh shrimp. I […]

hard core warning labels. pt. 3

The third installment of the series is a little melodramatic. I liked the subtlety of the last one and the hammer-force shock value of the first one. This one is just a guy coughing, or gasping for air. He might have asthma. He’s in front of steps, but it looks as if he’s just descended […]

I thought it might be cool to obtain the actual domain of Hollywoodland for purposes of hosting this site. I checked using Hostsave (my ISP) knowing full well that it would be taken and they said it’s available! I thought it over for a few hours and then decided to go ahead and do it. […]

albums of the week

Morissey hasn’t put out anything new in seven years. He’s been chilling here in Los Angeles (rumor has it down the street from me at The Cat and the Fiddle.) You Are The Quarry is almost worth the wait. I mean, come on. Seven years is a long time! He used to put them out […]

lost wednesday

Nothing like too much booze to remind you why you’re not drinking it anymore. It’s late, but I wanted to get something down before crashing. And I’m going to crash hard tonight. Last night was a complete blur. The final episode of Angel aired. I caught it at my friend’s house. I thought it was […]