potato bugs

Sara and I were talking on the phone late Monday night. I don’t remember how we got on the subject but I was telling her about the time I saw the potato bug. I was in front of the television at home in Camarillo. This was years ago. I know, because I was watching the […]

rocket report

Sara and I stepped out of the furnace heat of La Brea into what amounted to a Rocket Video pet fair. Sirry’s dog Luna was there. Summer brought Sammy and Maggie, her boxers in, and along with them was the newest addition to her fold, a young boxer named Sophie. Sitting on the popcorn machine […]

From Mammoth to Mideast

Seems the war effort is digging into the lives of the ordinary. The Army is recalling five Howitzers currently used by Mammoth for avalanche control for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. They must really need them if they’re actually yanking them back from Mammoth. Click here to read the article, though you might have to […]

Buzznet – feverblue

Hey. I’ve got plenty to tell, but I’ll have to do that later. In the meantime, I wanted to point out that I’ve added an additional feature to this here blog. Notice in the right column the list of current photos. These are the most recent posts to my new photoblog over at buzznet.com. Check […]

Rocket Report

Mark asked me as we wrapped up the last of our tasks for the evening if I was going to write in my blog about how punchy he was this evening. I thought that was pretty funny because I had no idea he even thought about that. I guess maybe he saw the picture below. […]


Things have been quiet around here for me. I haven’t been up to anything interesting, and the week has sort of just rolled by. I’m still hard at work on an assortment of script ideas. As mentioned below, some are huge. Some are quite small. But I keep moving forward. And I did talk to […]

blood & mist

A few thoughts about my current project… Most of my attention is occupied by Blood & Dust right now. More specifically, I’m working on Blood & Mist and Blood & Glass. They’re the prequel and sequel, respectively, to the original. What makes these two projects challenging is the vastly different scope each has with respect […]

parallel passage

My friend Sara’s short film, Parallel Passage is reviewed at the Entertainment Insiders site. “Dark and delicious ‘Parallel Passage‘ is a path worth traveling.” Sweet. Maybe this’ll help it get more recognition. Here’s the einsiders link: Parallel Passage