I was in Los Feliz the other day. I wanted to stop by Wacko to replenish my dwindling incense supply, but they were out of it. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, and feeling rather famished, I stopped by Yuca’s for a couple tacos. I gave my name as “Will” and waited and watched a […]

Another quiet day

Still feeling terrible. I feel as if I’m not eating well, but that can’t be right. I eat nothing but salads and vitamins and eggs and almonds, which I’m getting quite sick of, frankly. I guess I’m just what’s commonly known as “under the weather.” Rent’s due tomorrow. I have $32 in my checking account. […]

The aftermath

Actually, that’s kinda grandiose. It’s not so much an aftermath as it is a “Day After.” I spent the weekend doing nothing. In the morning, I wrote. in the evening I hung out. On Saturday I stopped by Rocket to drop something off for Sara’s friend Michael. I ended up chatting at length with the […]

Rocket developments

So I was called into a meeting yesterday. I had been waiting for this to happen. Indeed, it was overdue. I was to sit down with both of the owners and discuss details of recent events. Since I had hours to kill before the meeting, and an enormous tension skating about under my skin, I […]

records are spinning…

Since I established this paltry website a year ago I’ve had a music section. Long neglected, it merely sported a “coming soon” image. Finally, I’ve finally decided to start using it. I’ve uploaded my first “mini-mix” to test the waters of streaming audio. It’s just five tracks, which is about the max I want to […]

Day Three

Just talked to Jeff. Sara had agreed to cover my shift today. Because I didn’t want her to miss her flamenco class, I told her I’d work the first half of the shift. When I relayed this to Jeff, he said they had a new guy coming in so I didn’t have to work. That […]

Rocket Rage

I seem to have incurred Bonehead’s wrath. He’s at it again, banging his scepter about and crying thief. It all started with this. It’s a warning notice. I was written up for two laughably minor charges. Here’s how it happened: Bonehead approached me with four movies he wanted to rent. I dutifully rang up his […]

The Second Wedding.

Tomorrow is Melisande’s wedding. I’m doing my usual last-minute preparation for the DJ gig by digging through cd’s, ripping tracks I can see myself playing, gathrering music and burning cd’s. It’s amazing how much music I have, and how poorly I can distill it into something useful. Here’s a list of what I actually burned. […]