Two things were sitting on my doorstep when I got home tonight. One was the cd player I bought from this dude on eBay. It’s an exact duplicate of my Panasonic metal disc player–a great machine usually. Well, it’s not an exact duplicate. Mine actually works. This one just gasps a little and then declares […]

Rocket Report

It was the Sara, Will and Ryan show tonight. Business was brisk, but when you’re as cool as we are, no one really notices. We were all in a good mood, we all had energy (Sara and I came in to work with coffee) and we all had lame jokes to tell. As I said […]

Manager alive and well…

Met with Edgar today. Turns out that Yahoo mail can get pretty clogged, so he didn’t get any of my increasingly desperate emails. It was fun catching up, although were sitting outside. I mean, that was nice, but by the time five-fifteen rolled around, hypothermia had settled in. I trotted out some of my recent […]

Construction Issues

Clearly I’m having some problems with text overflow. I’m not able to work on it today. I’m working on an overview of the various writing projects on my slate for a meeting later today. No way I can let myself be distracted by time-swallowing HTML. I’ll fix it later.


ELBOW – Cast of Thousands These guys are really cool. It’s the closest thing to Catherine Wheel I’ve heard in a long time, without really being anything like them. I always categorized CW as Pink Floyd meets Radiohead. These guys are different, but Guy Garvey sounds so much like Rob Dickinson the comparison is inevitable. […]

Rocket Report

It’s raining like the devil here in Los Angeles. Made for a very slow night at the shop tonight. I worked with Sirry. She’d been watching Xanadu all day at her house, so we threw it on the screen. Afterwards, I insisted on putting on a Michael J. Fox movie (Secret of My Success) It […]

Screenplay change

I think I’ve decided to limit exactly what can be downloaded off this website. After thinking about it a little, I decided that there’s just no need to post my scripts in their entirety. Too much work has gone into the developing of those things. So I’m gonna limit them to their first thirty pages, […]