I figured it out. I just got my new cell phone. In search of the perfect mnemonic, I sat down and inspected my phone number. What kind of cool phrase might I assemble out of these letters and numbers? After a half hour of wrangling, I came up with exactly nothing. That is, nothing sensible, […]


This morning I got in my car, wheeled onto the 110 North and headed for Hollywood. On the way I listened to Ira Glass and the latest installment of This American Life. Today, he culled his entire show from the classified pages of the Chicago Sun-Times. One of the segments focused on a man whose […]


First new post in a while. I dragged my feet on the blog so I could work on the parent website a little bit. Plus the impending move forces my attention elsewhere for the time being. This blog now seems to work in Netscape. There were some configuration errors. I chiseled into the code for […]

CPE Journal

More from the CPE Journal, just to fill up space. I’ve been busy writing again. Characters are begining to take shape. IN a week or so, they’ll be able to stand up on shaky legs and begin to move about on their own, presumably in search of a story… :: CPE Journal Part 6 :: […]