Extreme Cartooning

Yesterday’s attack on Charlie Hebdo was horrible. I don’t understand the mindset of religious extremism, especially the kind that is so sensitive to satire and criticism that it lashes out at innocent people. And yes, they were innocent. No drawing ever took someone’s life. If everyone sought to settle differences with pencils and words, the brain-dead […]

Honesty in Advertising: Red Lobster

This morning, while browsing Yelp to shake loose some breakfast spot ideas from my memory, I spot this advertisement. I suppose there’s an algorithm that looks for five-star reviews and pairs them up with paying restaurants and slots them above any actually relevant search results. What they haven’t learned to detect, apparently, is sarcasm. I’m […]

You Always Were a Terrible Liar

I came across another hackneyed dialogue trope today while I was working. This one thudded from the mouth of a character the show, The Originals, which follows the adventures of some old-school vamps, wolves and demons bashing around in the Big Easy. Vampires. Werewolves. Witches. Original. Anyway, among the typical overwrought dialogue was this clunker: […]